Friday, December 5, 2014

Reflections on Experience (8)

I have already mentioned the physical notion of a spectrum of energy levels (i.e. electromagnetic energy).

The most common expression of such energy is natural light!  Then there is the complementary notion of spiritual light (as representing intuitive type energy).

So just as we can identify many distinct bands with respect to electromagnetic radiation, equally we can identify complementary type bands in psycho spiritual terms! So each band thereby represents a distinct quality with respect to the development of intuitive energy in experience.

However as I slowly developed the holistic mathematical approach, I began to realise that a much more precise spectrum exists with respect to number.

So every number for example has already a well-defined analytic type meaning in quantitative terms.
Likewise every number potentially has an equally important holistic type meaning in a qualitative manner!

And when we consider number with respect to this latter holistic aspect, it can then be seen to represent a spectrum of psycho spiritual energy states.

I also realised - though it was not the direct focus of my interest at the time - that because of the holistic complementarity of both the psychological and physical aspects of development, that number should likewise represent a spectrum with respect to physical energy states (e.g. at the sub-atomic level of matter).

From this holistic perspective, the natural number system in fact represents the most fundamental spectrum.

Just as the natural numbers, in analytic terms, are commonly identified with specific quantities, from a holistic perspective, they can be seen to represent more general qualitative categories (through which overall experience is organised). Unfortunately however, in conventional mathematical terms, the understanding of numbers - as representing dimensional notions - is likewise reduced in a mere quantitative manner, so that their crucial qualitative meaning is thereby completely overlooked.

Indeed though intuition implicitly is necessary for all mathematical operations at the conventional level, explicitly its role is reduced in a mere rational manner. This indeed is what can accurately be represented as 1-dimensional interpretation (where - literally - understanding takes place unambiguously with respect to just one polar reference frame).

However, 2-dimensional understanding for example. entails the interaction of 2 opposite polar reference frames (in what can be referred to as the complementarity of opposites).

Thus the very ability to literally "see" at this dimensional level requires a newly refined form of intuition (representing thereby a distinctive energy state in psycho spiritual terms).

"Higher" dimensions then require corresponding "higher" levels of intuitive refinement.

For example 4-dimensional understanding entails the ability to"see" reality as representing the interdependent interaction of 4 distinctive polar reference frames (which are given in terms of the corresponding four roots of 1).

So at this level, reality is seen as representing the interaction of two"real" polarities  (positive and negative) in conscious terms, as well as two "imaginary" polarities (again positive and negative) in an unconscious fashion (which is then indirectly expressed in conscious terms).

This in fact gives an entirely distinctive interpretation to the 4 dimensions of space and time (from a holistic perspective) which again simply means that in dynamic interactive terms, all relationships in space and time, are governed by the interaction of two real and two imaginary polarities respectively (both with positive and negative directions).

However we do not have to stop here as every natural number can now be seen to represent a unique dynamic configuration with respect to interacting frames of reference.

So for example 100 in this holistic sense entails the appreciation to "see"  reality in terms of 100 relatively distinct interacting reference frames.

Thus associated with each number is now a unique quality of intuitive recognition (representing  a special form of psycho spiritual light) corresponding to that number on the spectrum.

Needless to say the "higher" numbers require an ever more refined quality of intuition.
So just as it has long been recognised in the contemplative traditions that the process of authentic enlightenment requires a distinct type of psycho spiritual training, equally this is true in terms of the holistic appreciation of mathematical symbols.

Now, conventional mathematicians may indeed concede that implicitly appreciation at the recognised 1-dimensional level of interpretation requires a degree of intuition (as well as reason) especially where more creative work is concerned.

However explicitly interpretation is then reduced in a merely static and somewhat absolute manner.

However if we are to look at mathematics in a properly balanced fashion, it should lay equal emphasis on the development of both reason and intuition (which are utterly distinct from one another).

Thus specialisation with respect to holistic mathematical understanding entails ever further refinement with respect to pure intuitive understanding (indirectly expressed in a paradoxical rational manner).

In fact just as specialisation with respect to Conventional Mathematics represents the (linear) rational extreme of interpretation (as fixed symbols of form) likewise specialisation with respect to Holistic Mathematics represents the corresponding (circular) intuitive extreme of interpretation (where understanding is now so dynamically relative, that symbols approach pure psycho spiritual energy states). And once again such understanding has a complementary relevance at the physical level!

However it is not just the natural numbers that can represent a spectrum (of distinctive energy states).
All numbers in holistic terms possess the same important potential.

In this regard, the famed "Riemann zeros" simply represent one especially important spectrum (that is uniquely related to the working of the natural number system).        

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