Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wholes and Parts (8)

One consequence of the holistic appreciation of number, is that it opens up a remarkable new understanding of the true nature of space and time.

Again, because of the standard 1-dimensional approach, our notions of time (especially) have been strongly conditioned to view it in an extremely limited fashion.

So, for example, we are accustomed to think of time as moving forward in one positive direction.
Indeed it is essentially the same with respect to space. Clearly, though we view the rigid features of phenomenal reality as existing in 3-dimensional space, we view movement with respect to space (in each of these dimensions) as taking place in one positive direction!

However, I initially began to realise - directly with respect to my own experience - at a certain crucial stage in development, that the accepted approach made little sense.

I have frequently illustrated in the previous blog entries the holistic nature of "2" (and the 2-dimensional nature of experience to which it relates).

Therefore once again, phenomenal reality is conditioned, for example, by external and internal polarities which dynamically interact with each other.

Therefore if time moves forward (in a positive direction) with respect to the external world (in relation to self), then in relative terms, it must move backward in a negative direction with respect to the internal self (in relation to the world). Equally from the opposite perspective, if time moves forward in a positive direction with respect to the internal self (in relation to the world), then it must necessarily move backwards in negative fashion with respect to the external world (in relation to the self).

So depending on the polar reference frame, time moves in both positive and negative directions with respect to the two (real) polarities of experience. This paradoxical appreciation then leads to the pure intuitive realisation of a continual present moment with respect to all created reality.

Now, the reason why we - mistakenly - view time as moving in a solely positive direction (with respect to both the internal self and external world) is that we have attempted to abstract the internal observer in absolute fashion from what is externally observed.

So the perceived 1-dimensional nature of time simply reflects the (reduced) 1-dimensional manner of scientific interpretation on which it is based (i.e. where qualitative considerations are reduced in a mere quantitative manner). 

So 2-dimensional time  begins to reflect the inherent dynamic interactive nature of experience.
And the very nature of such time directly concurs with the holistic interpretation of "2".

And because we now view time in a relative manner, this implies that space also - at this level of holistic appreciation - also behaves in a relative manner.

Therefore in 2-dimensional terms, all movement in space likewise takes place (with respect to external and internal polarities) in complementary positive and negative directions.  

Then, when we move on to the vitally important 4-dimensional case (which includes both external/internal and part/whole polarity pairings), we now realise that all movement in time takes place - relatively - in positive and negative directions in both real and imaginary terms.

Likewise, all movement in space (in complementary fashion) likewise takes place - relatively - in both positive and negative directions in real and imaginary terms.

Before moving on, I will briefly elaborate here on these four directions relate to experience..

When we view the movement of time in a real manner, this directly concurs with the (localised) conscious appreciation of phenomena.

So once again, when the positive direction is identified with external appreciation (in relation to the self), the negative direction - relatively - is then identified with internal appreciation (in relation to the world).

And these dynamics likewise operate in complementary fashion with respect to our understanding of positive and negative directions in space!

When however we view the movement of time in an imaginary manner, this now concurs with the (holistic) unconscious appreciation of phenomena (whereby they thereby carry a deeper integral significance)

And once again when we identify the positive direction (of imaginary appreciation) with the external aspect (in relation to the self), the negative imaginary direction is then - relatively - associated with the internal aspect (in relation to the world).

And again these relationships operate in a complementary fashion with respect to the imaginary directions of space.

What is fascinating here is that we are now able to directly identify the true nature of space and time - or more correctly the key dynamics through which these dimensions interact - with the holistic appreciation of number.

And we have illustrated this briefly with respect to the holistic interpretation of "2" and "4" respectively.

What we now can clearly see is that the true nature of reality is necessarily complex (in a precise holistic mathematical sense) when we incorporate both (conscious) analytic and (unconscious) holistic type appreciation! 

However, in more general terms, associated with every number n, is a corresponding unique holistic interpretation (with complex co-ordinates that reflect the corresponding n roots of 1 of that number).

What this directly implies therefore is that associated with the holistic interpretation of each number is a unique configuration of space and time (in complex terms).

This then leads to the truly stunning realisation that phenomenal reality fundamentally reflects the dynamic interaction of number with respect to both its quantitative and qualitative features. In this sense phenomenal "reality" simply reflects the decoded nature of number.

Thus the qualitative features of phenomena, that thereby give them a distinctive unique identity, directly reflect the holistic nature of the number configurations (with which they are comprised).

What is also truly remarkable is that this whole new world of space and time - that embraces all the number types in holistic manner - directly concurs with actual experience (provided that understanding is sufficiently refined to properly uncover the dynamics involved).

For example when understanding is so developed in an unconscious intuitive manner to appreciate the two-way dynamic experiential interaction of external and internal polarities, one can then readily intuit that the interactions of space and time readily conform to the holistic mathematical interpretation of "2".

And then, at an even more advanced level, we have seen how the interactions with respect to both (pure) external and internal and whole and part coordinates conform to the holistic mathematical interpretation of "4".

With even more refined intuition, we will eventually be able to readily intuit more subtle interactions entailing the various possible configurations of both sets of polarities as conforming to all other possible numbers. And with further advancement, we will furthermore be able to give meaning likewise to the holistic interpretation of both real and imaginary numbers (in a rational and irrational manner).

And again what is truly remarkable, with sufficient intuitive and rational refinement we will be then able to see all these interpretations as directly relating to immediate experience of the world!

Thus again to sum up, associated with the holistic interpretation of each number is a unique dynamic configuration in both space and time, that is directly applicable to experience (in physical and psychological terms).

Just as the quantitative nature of reality is directly measured through the analytic interpretation of number, the qualitative nature will, in future, be directly measured through the holistic interpretation (reflecting these unique complex configurations of space and time). 

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